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If you are a newcomer to my Blog, the story behind my Shelby, “SoScary”, starts here.

The “Trinity” engine in the 2013/2014 Shelby is an awesome motor. Each engine is hand built by two highly experienced SVT (Special Vehicle Team) specialists whose signatures are on a plate that is attached to the engine. For those of you who want to read a great article on this motor look no further than this article on Mustang360 magazine:

2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Trinity 5.8L V8 – Power Of Three

Shelby 5.8L Trinity Engine

Shelby 5.8L Trinity Engine

To give you an idea of the comparison differences between the stock TVS supercharger (above) and the VMP Gen II supercharger I replaced it with, here is a photo. The VMP Gen I blower is also shown. The big difference is in the porting. The VMP Gen II can suck in a lot more air as it is much less restrictive.

VMP Gen II, VMP Gen I and the stock TVS superchargers compared

VMP Gen II, VMP Gen I and the stock TVS superchargers compared (photo courtesy of

To take advantage of the bigger porting on the VMP Gen II supercharger, requires a bigger throttle body. The stock throttle body is a 54mm one – this was upgraded to VMP’s enormous 67mm twin throttle body.

VMP 67mm Throttle Body

VMP 67mm Throttle Body

All upgrades require a new tune to be uploaded. VMP provided me with a complete custom Stage 4 tune and I uploaded it using my SCT4 Tuner

SCT4 Tuner

SCT4 Tuner

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