The official Shelby Registry, VIN Plaque and more

The Shelby Registry, VIN Plaque and Display Posters

If you are a newcomer to my Blog, the story behind my Shelby, “SoScary”, starts here.

Within days of getting the Shelby, I had discovered Mustang Clubs, Shelby Forums and found a lot of after-market upgrade dealers online such as American Muscle. As if I didn’t know it already I soon realized Mustangs and Shelbys in particular, were no ordinary cars. The whole scene was huge! On the official Shelby American website, I discovered I could get SoScary officially registered so that was one of the first things I did.

Shelby Certificate

Authenticity is everything. My Shelby Authenticity Certificate

I also ordered an in-dash plaque which looks great!

Shelby plaque

Here it is in the car..


I then located my official Build Sheet from the SVT Team at Ford and discovered that my car, in Black with Stripe Delete with its specific options (it has all of them with the exception of the glass roof), was one of only 297 built in that model year with that particular option selection so that was a pretty low number! Going to Car Shows I also quickly learned that presentation and attention to detail was all-important so I made this display poster:

My first Car Display Poster back in spring of 2013

My first Car Display Poster back in spring of 2013

In January of 2014, I ordered a custom display stand made to match the car. It conveniently folds into three sections and the poster is laminated. Looks awesome!

SoScary with stand

My custom made display stand shows off the car really well!

Here is the first version of the poster. It has since been replaced to reflect the latest mods and performance enhancements done to the car.


The poster has all sorts on interesting facts about the car – right down to which SVT engineers hand built the engine!

UPDATE – March 2016 – here is my new display placard showing all my new mods!

My new display poster for 2016

My new display poster for 2016

The engine bay did not go untouched – I got this nice laser-etched steel plaque made to cover the fuse box.


Custom fuse box cover

Next post – Modding the car!