Welcome to my blog – its all about my 2013 Shelby GT500 – also known to my Mustang friends as “SoScary” – its tag. On Feb 1, 2015 I published the first 5 posts and just added a 6th post on March 12th, 2016 that details my upgrade to an 800 HP monster. I just added three more posts in Dec 2018 so I have been catching up! I hope you find my story and photos interesting. I started the blog for fun as I have some friends and family who are not on Facebook and so they miss out on all of the developments as I customize and mod my car to make it very unique and my own. Blogs are always work in progress so come back and visit from time to time or subscribe for updates!

Leaving Providence

1. From British motorcycles and cars to my Shelby – a 44 year journey

2. My Custom Tag: SoScary

3. The Shelby Registry, VIN Plaque and Display Posters

4. Modding the Shelby: A never ending tale!

5. Gold Striping, engine bay upgrades and more!

6. Upgrading her from 662 HP to 800 HP!

7. Tech Talk – Under the Hood

8. Upgrading to a 1,000HP Clutch – NEW!

9. Brakes, Tires and Safety Upgrades – NEW!

10. Interior Carbon-Fiber Upgrades – NEW!